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Lemon Experience – Discovering the lemon of the Amalfi Coast


Take part in our Lemon immersion, you will experience a unique emotion in the wonderful location of our lemon grove.

Start Time 17.30
End Time 20.00

The Amalfi sfusato is a peculiarity of the Amalfi Coast, a lemon so unique and precious that it is called the Yellow Gold of the Coast.

To involve our guests in the history of the area we decided to  offer a 5-sense experience  that starts from our land, cultivated on typical terraces overlooking the sea where our organically converted lemon grove stands, a courageous and conscious choice aimed at supporting sustainable agriculture and totally free of chemicals.

How it works:

5.30pm meeting at the hotel.
Our staff will accompany you on a pleasant walk in our lemon grove where the cultivation, pruning, grafting and harvesting techniques of the Amalfi sfusato will be explained.

 This is followed by an aperitif based on lemon spritz and finger food  on our   “Terrace of Limoni” and a dinner  with a tasting menu inspired by recipes based on lemon, local products and vegetables from our garden.

An immersion in flavour, tradition and taste.