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Hotel Amalfi Coast 3 stars

Are You looking for a 3 star hotel in Amalfi Coast? Maybe on a wonderful view? With an excellent restaurant and the scent of Amalfi lemons? We have it! We are 6 minutes by car far from the center of Amalfi, so we are far from chaos on a peaceful position. Proto family manages this facility since 2004. The’re very good on hosting, very kind and helpful.

Hotel Amalfi Coast 3 stars | La Pergola hotel and b & b
Hotel Amalfi Coast 3 stars | La Pergola hotel and b & b

Moreover we have a lemon garden on the top of the hotel there is a wide garden. You can access there and enjoy your stay. There You will also have the typical Amalfi lemon experience, Amalfi Coast citizenship is proud of this citrus.

But… let’s see more details about the accommodation!

Amalfi Coast Accommodation in a lemon garden

Your stay in La Pergola will be special for many reasons, for the colorful, luminous and wide rooms, for the peaceful position and panorama and for the lemon garden, for the excellent restaurant in which Mrs Rita and the kitchen staff choose carefully every day the healthy ingredients… Have we already told You about it? ;P

Moreover we have free wifi, garage service and bar. Have a look to our rooms here, you can choose among:

  • the SUPERIOR,
  • the STANDARD,
  • the ECONOMY (lowest price guarantee).

Almost everyone has a balcony and they are all furnished on a typical Amalfi style.

La Pergola Hotel Where are we?

You can find us here, the map shows the route from Capodichino airport to Amalfi. In case You come by train to the Salerno railway station, we suggest You to take the ferry: it’s easier and faster than the bus. Moreover, by ferry You will appreciate the land. There will start the real Amalfi Coast holiday!

We thank You so much for visiting us. We hope to see You here in La Pergola hotel and wait for You. You can’t miss the real Amalfi lemon experience in our garden. Don’t You forget to book soon to be sure You have the room You like, well, hurry up and have a good holiday!