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Amalfi lemon experience

In your Pergola Hotel You could live the Amalfi lemon experience. In fact, at the 4th floor there is an extended lemon garden. We care very much about these citrus, it is a pleasant place to spend some time in the shadow during the hottest season.

Amalfi lemon experience
Amalfi lemon experience

Amalfi lemon is a typical fruit from this gorgeous land and, at the same time, it’s its symbol. This citrus came to Campania with Saracens, it has been welcomed and soon found a fertile soil. It was very useful in the navy for the healing properties, it could heal scurvy. It contains a oil rich of vitamins, it is used in herbalists and homeopathic medicine. Moreover its peel is used to make limoncello, a typical licor of Amalfi Coast.

Hotels in Amalfi Italy with lemon garden

How many hotels in Amalfi have a lemon garden? Hotel Amalfi Coast 3 stars. Have You had a look? This is the peculiarity of our hotel. You are welcome in our lemon garden as much as You want, during the day in the smell of Amalfi citrus, during the night in peacefulness and wonder of the panorama.

Moreover in our 3 star hotel You will find a tasteful restaurant and bar. Amalfi lemon experience doesn’t end inside the facility, it is all furnished in a typical Amalfi style.

I Limoni del professore

Do You know how to make limoncello? Here’s the recipe! Anyway, the only ingredients You will need are water, sugar, alcohol and the typical Amalfi lemons. We can send them to You, You only have to choose the quantity. Remember: we have lowest price guarantee from rooms to lemons!

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